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An ecosystem for the next generation of art creators and collectors

ArtWallStreet is a global art exchange platform where anyone can become art collectors, exhibitors and investors.

We leverage on a large network of real estate partners and soon, an in-house blockchain authentication solution, to co-create a new ecosystem where physical artworks get distributed, exhibited and traded in a secure and scalable way. Our mission is to give emerging artists a global platform to gain exposure and access a new generation of art collectors, lovers and investors.

Join the ArtWallStreet ecosystem!

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Turn your space into an art gallery!

We’ve partnered up with co-working spaces, co-living spaces, schools, malls and F&B establishments to bring art closer to everyone. You can turn your space into an art gallery too by support the burgeoning culture and arts community in the city!

Live Exhibition

A Closer Encounter with Art @ Funan Mall

Yes, yes, we’re really bringing art closer to everyone :).
A Closer Encounter with Art is now live in Funan Mall and will be up for the next month!

It’s time to drop by the mall-gallery :)

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Live Exhibition

Food for the Soul @ Shenton Food Hall

Outside their home and work places, we know Singaporeans hang around food places more than any other spots. So we’re turning this newly minted food court at Shenton House into a place to nourish the soul too! Starting today, Shenton Food Hall will be exhibiting a few of our favourite pieces by Katrina Pallon. Who says we can’t have a side of art to go with our kopi peng, fish soup and mixed economy rice?

In Singapore, the way to a budding art lover’s heart is through their stomach.

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Live Exhibition

Co-working with Art @ Arcc Spaces

While we spent the bulk of 2020 converting parts of our homes into work stations, we think 2021 is going to see many office spaces being transformed into incredible everyday culture-making destinations. 75 High Street by Arcc Spaces has now been turned into a gallery that promotes emerging art from around the region. With artworks on every of its seven floors, tenants can now look forward to working and collaborating in a little art gallery. Arcc Spaces will open its gallery to the public soon!

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Live Exhibition

Flexi Workspace - Flexi Art Gallery @ Distrii

We've turned this amazing workspace into a place where art is found everywhere - the alone-time corners, the pantry, the restroom areas, the stationary bicycle nook, the shared corridors and lobbies.

Check It Out Turn My Space Into A Gallery Too!
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