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Damien Thomasz

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Damien Thomasz

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Current Everyday Art Exhibitions

Bailamos Bistro Bar & Cafe

22 Sam Leong Road, Singapore 207913

Bailamos Bistro & Cafe was the first Everyday Art Gallery we piloted with and we’re incredibly grateful to the owner, Steven, for being a huge supporter of emerging artists. In this gallery, we exhibited artworks by Damien Tomaz and the now well-known digital artist, The Next Most Famous Artist. We curated a series of quirky art pieces in the theme of music, drinks and ‘chillax-ation’ (local Singapore slang for relaxation) because we want the art to fit in with the patrons and visitors of Bailamos Bistro & Cafe. We love both artists and the bar owner who are totally collaborative, non-snooty and chillax about art, which is exactly how it should be! Do pop by when you’re in the Jalan Besar area!

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Arcc Spaces

75 High Street, Singapore 179435

While we spent the bulk of 2020 converting parts of our homes into work stations, we think 2021 is going to see many office spaces being transformed into incredible everyday culture-making destinations. Arcc Spaces has always been a big supporter of art but this particular branch at 75 High Street will soon be turned into an art gallery that promotes emerging art from around the region. We took a few snapshots of this seven storey building to show where we will be exhibiting the artworks!

Check back on 5 February 2021 to see the transformation!

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Wired Modigliani
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