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We’re a Singapore based startup that is currently still in beta development. We’re backed by Antler, a global VC and startup generator. We are actively curating artists from Southeast Asia and growing a network of spaces that we’re turning into Everyday Galleries. Join us and be a part of our growth journey :)

Frequently Asked Questions

ArtWallst is a platform that connects artists to everyday spaces like bistros, cafes, bars, retail and office spaces that want to display art.
We believe that art should be discovered, experienced and bought at our daily meeting points. And artists should be celebrated and given a space to share their creations with the world.
We will be launching in November 2020.
We are curating artists and venues in our database now and you’re invited to be a part of our pioneer batch when we launch!
Our service will remain free for all artists who signed up before 30 October 2020.
We are currently exhibiting only print editions of artist’s work. We do not accept original artwork for display at the moment.
Artists will be responsible for paying all the associated costs of printing and delivering the display editions via our online platform. Once we received the payment, we will send your artwork for printing, framing and delivery. However, there is no upfront cost until a venue requested for your artwork.
Buyers will be directed to Artwallst Ecommerce to purchase a print copy of your art. You will receive the purchase orders in your ArtWallSt dashboard. We will be launching our E-commerce in November 2020.
We’re a little different from the traditional art galleries. We don’t own physical spaces and we’re much more focused on bringing art to as many ‘everyday’ spaces as possible because we believe that volume visibility will create a compound effect of discovery, demand and love for art. The way we do this is by saturating our malls, cafes, bistros, retail and office spaces with art. Where your art will be displayed at any given time is very much dependent on market dynamics. And because we do not need to pay rent, we are able to pass savings to artists in terms of lower sales commissions.
Yes, we are registered in Singapore. Our ACRA registration number is 202032492K. ArtWallSt is one of Antler's portfolio's companies (
ArtWallst is a platform that connects artists to everyday spaces like bistros, cafes, bars, retail and office spaces that want to display art.
Art brings new experiences to customers, visitors and tenants of your the space. In addition to playing a central role in placemaking, art reduces stress, creates mindfulness and inspires creativity. Furthermore, we will be promoting your space as an Everyday Art Gallery to our communities online and drive new visitors to your venue.
Only print editions of the original art piece will be displayed at your venue.
Generally, artworks are safe in all the venues that have rented art from us. However, if the artwork is damaged to an extent where it is not sellable or exhibition-worthy, venues will be requested to buy the artwork at market price. This purchase will be treated as a regular sales where the net proceeds will go to both artist and ArtWallSt.
Venues are responsible for putting up the art pieces on their walls. Should the venue require assistance in the installation, we will recommend one of our partners to do the installation at preferrential rates.
You can select the 3-month, 6-month or 9 month plans.
We have print editions of oil/watercolour/acrylic/mixed media paintings, pencil and ink artwork, photography and digital art.
Venues will not get a commission of the art sales unless we have signed a special agreement with you.
We will leave a digital flyer or wall sticker with a unique QR code that directs customers to buy on our e-commerce website.
All the artworks are available for rental at US$5 per artwork per month.
Each delivery trip costs USD 25.00
Enclosed venues in bistros, cafes, restaurants, bars, retail shops and offices that are reasonably protected from rain and other potentially destructive elements are eligible to be an Everyday Art Gallery. Risky display areas that are exposed to direct air-conditioning, water leaks, smokes and fire are not suitable for art display.

All venues must agree our art display terms and conditions as well as best practice guidelines before artworks are sent to the venue.
Every rental art comes ready to hang with two alligator hook fixed to the back of the artwork. An art descriptor display wall label is also included in the kit.

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